SkyAlps, Bolzano

Italian airline, SkyAlps, launched a brand-new flight route from London to Bolzano, Italy, in December 2023. Until now, those visiting South Tyrol have had to take lengthy transfers from major airports such as Verona, Milan, Venice or Innsbruck.

In keeping with its parent company’s green credentials, Sky Alps operates using the modern and quiet De Havilland Dash Q400 aircraft which seats 76 passengers and offers one of the greenest passenger eco-footprints.

The aircraft is an extremely fast turboprop-powered plane that can complete short journeys almost as quickly as a regional turbojet, but with lower CO2 emissions. Travellers can relax and enjoy a premium experience aboard the 2 hour and 35-minute flight, tasting the extensive in-flight menu comprised of regional delicacies and wine from 48 selected producers, including four awarded quality wines every month.

The aircraft itself consumes around 50% less fuel than the average jet and is extremely efficient. At 2.3 litres per passenger per 100 kilometres travelled, their Dash 8 Q400s achieve an emission saving of around 50% compared to conventional jet, meaning passengers produce half as much CO2 emissions than with conventional scheduled jets.

Due to the advanced design, this type of aircraft is also far ahead of current regional jets and turboprops in terms of noise emissions during take-off and landing - which means around 50% less noise for the environment.