Palace Merano, Italy

Palace Merano, situated in the heart of the glamorous and historical spa town of Merano has introduced new Revital Treatments and new Diagnostic Equipment. The Revital floor, comprising 1500m² of treatment space, is licensed by the health authority for medical procedures, allowing guests to follow Palace Merano health programmes under the careful supervision of its committed medical staff. Palace Merano has introduced some new elements for the coming season including "Detox for Longevity although every programme is tailored and designed specifically for each guest with the aim to strengthen the immune system and improve overall health. Treatment programmes and sport plays an ever-increasing role. Improving the quality of life, longevity along with physical and psychological wellness, are the main objectives of the treatments at Palace Merano. Detox for Longevity is the result of 20 years of experience and successful operation at Palace Merano. The team of medical specialists is coordinated by Health Director, Dr Massimiliano Mayrhofer and Dr. Andreas Androulakakis for the aesthetic medicine department. Created by Chef Günther Pirhofer and his team, together with nutritionists, energy specialists, masseurs and all Palace staff members ensure a healthy and delightful stay focused on finding the balance between body and mind. There are seven departments at Palace Merano all run by a highly qualified team. Each specialist will personalise guests treatments to rediscover vigour and vitality and a new aesthetical wellbeing. The departments are Health, Bio-Energetics, Dietetics, Hydro-Mudtherapy, Aesthetics, Medical Aesthetics, Wellness-Fitness and Research & Development. ASA Luxury has had the pleasure of representing Palace Merano for PR and Marketing for over 10 years.