Valsana Hotel, Arosa

Located in the charming Swiss alpine village of Arosa, Valsana Hotel is an eco-powerhouse running on recycled energy, limiting its ecological footprint to just 4% with virtually zero Carbon emissions.

The interiors, masterfully crafted by Carlo Rampazzi, blend spirited design elements such as Aztec embroidery, hand-painted botanical murals, and woodland-inspired cladding. Rustic materials like leather, smoked oak, and untreated wood harmonize with industrial finishes in iron and copper, creating a trendy yet cozy ambiance.

Through the Tschuggen Collection’s Moving Mountains program, guests are invited to embrace nature's embrace through personalized fitness and yoga sessions amidst the inspiring Swiss mountain landscape.

In the summer, Arosa offers scenic hiking trails, blooming alpine meadows, and the opportunity to explore crystal-clear mountain lakes. The offer numerous activities, such as nature Kneipping, wild swimming and hiking with Alpacas.

During the winter, Arosa becomes a winter wonderland, draped in a blanket of pristine snow, inviting enthusiasts to experience world-class skiing in Arosa Lenzerheide, snowshoeing through enchanting forests, and the cozy charm of après-ski moments in its alpine village.

The Twist restaurant at Valsana stands out with its fully plant-based menu, encouraging sustainable dining choices while delivering nutrient-rich, flavourful meals aligned with the Moving Mountains initiative. From the spa, guests may catch a glimpse of a deer grazing on the forest's edge.