Palazzo Artemide, Sicily

Palazzo Artemide has re-opened spring 2024 under a new name and following complete renovations. The renovations intend to improve upon the existing facilities, while maintaining the beauty of the 1880s property that is nestled between the Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace overlooking Piazza Minerva.

The Hotel Roma is unique in its architectural makeup; while the property exhibits a Sicilian feel, the limestone used echoes Greek temples and Baroque palaces, and the traditional hidden courtyards are inherited from Arab architecture.

Upon completion, the property will feature 40 intimate and elegantly furnished rooms, a rooftop garden for guests to survey an exclusive view of Piazza Minerva on via Roma, as well as balconies and beautiful tuff dammuso vaults in their restaurant.

In acquiring this 19th century palace, VRetreats adds to their impressive lineup of historic luxury hotels - this time in the heart of Ortygia, an island in the oldest part of the city of Syracuse that is steeped in history and beauty.