L’Albereta, Franciacorta

L’Albereta is a beautiful ivy-clad, family-friendly villa set in the Alpine foothills between the Po Valley and southern shore of Lake Iseo. A stone’s throw from the Bellavista Winery and home to some of Italy’s finest sparkling wine, the property oozes Italian glamour.

Franciacorta is a region of rolling hills extending from the southern end of Lake Iseo, following the flow of the river Oglio. Franciacorta is located just 20 kilometres from Brescia and Bergamo, 60 kilometres from Milan and just over 100 kilometres from Verona and Mantua.

Housing the only Chenot Espace Health Wellness SPA in Italy, L’Albereta has a highly qualified team of over 30 professionals, including Doctors, Dietitians and Osteopaths, ready to help guests restore their health and regain lost vital energy.

The hotel’s ‘Parco delle Sculture’ features thirteen contemporary art sculptures which wind their way across 61,000 hectares of parkland, from L’Albereta to the nearby Bellavista and Contadi Castaldi wineries, in an intriguing dialogue with nature.