BLUE ZONEâ„¢ Retreats at Borgo Egnazia, Puglia

Posted: 09/08/2019 in Hotels

Mediterranean diet & lifestyle which align with BLUE ZONEâ„¢ pillars

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Mediterranean diet & lifestyle: Learn the secrets of living longer BLUE ZONEâ„¢ Retreats: Learn the Secrets of Living Longer at Borgo Egnazia, Puglia

The term BLUE ZONESâ„¢ refers to five regions in the world in which people have low rates of chronic disease and live longer than anywhere else. According to Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow, and a group of demographers these regions are in Italy, Japan, Costa Rica, Greece and California.

Borgo Egnazia is the first property certified by the BLUE ZONESâ„¢ Organization to host BLUE ZONESâ„¢ Retreats. These brand-new retreats will be available from September 2019 for the first time in the world.

The goal is to help participants optimise their surroundings and make healthy choices in order to live longer, fuller and bolder lives.

During the retreats, certified instructors will provide evidence-based guidelines and personal tool- kits following the nine specific lifestyle habits identified by Buettner and the team of demographers:
• Move Naturally: outdoor experiences that enhance the value of physical activity taking place outside of a traditional gym

• Purpose: learning the value of purpose and how to apply personal skills and passions in pursuit of living longer and better

• Down Shift: learning routines that reduce stress that can lead to chronic inflammations

• 80% Rule: following the Okinawans mantra ‘Hara hachi bu’ that encourages to stop eating when 80% full

• Plant Slant: not only enjoying delicious plant-based meals prepared by culinary experts but also learning cooking techniques to prepare the same dishes at home

• Wine at 5: toasting the sunset with family and friends to create meaningful friendships that lead to a fulfilled life

• Belong: connecting with others through events and celebrations to live a better and longer life

• Loved Ones First: learning the value of spending time with family. Centenarians put their families first

• Right Tribe: exploring the key role that being part of a sociable community plays

As a pioneer in wellbeing and happiness travel, Borgo Egnazia has been implementing the teachings of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, which align with the BLUE ZONEâ„¢ pillars.

Notes to Editor:
BLUE ZONEâ„¢ Retreats at Borgo Egnazia are available from €5,140 per person including:
- 5 nights in a single room, full board (based on BLUE ZONESâ„¢ menu)
- 6 movement lessons in the Apulian countryside
- 5 BLUE ZONEâ„¢ cooking lessons
- 10 hours of BLUE ZONEâ„¢ concept - 1 massage (50 minutes)
- 1 snack a day
- Return airport transfers
- 4 evening events: cinema, pizzica dance evening, juggling show and circus

2019 Available dates:
- 16-21 September 2019
- 18-23 November 2019

2020 Available dates:
- 16-21 March 2020 - 4-9 May 2020
- 7-12 September 2020
- 9-14 November 2020
Borgo Egnazia, Puglia is built in the style of a traditional Apulian village. The property is the perfect destination for authentic, local experiences, just less than one hour from both Bari and Brindisi airports. The hotel is open all year round and has a championship golf course and Vair Spa, using treatments based on ancient Apulian rituals.